Job Description :
DevOps Engineer/ Release Engineer

Job Summary:Skills sets requires as follows:
• 5 + years of experiences as a DevOps Engineer with AWS hands on experience
• Experience developing web applications and services using Python, and Groovy or Go, but others like Java, Ruby, NodeJS, Bash, Perl, React, Angular is plus
• Highly experienced with Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Pipeline as Code, Automated Single click Deployment, Configuration Management with large/mid-size application with production support
• 2/3 years of experience with Cloud based DevOps practices, specially hands on experience with Cloud formation templet, Terraform
• 2/3 years of experience with Containerization/Docker and Orchestration with Kubernetes, Fargate and App Mesh
• Experienced System level architect, like Linux or Windows flavors
• Understanding of scalable web application architecture and infrastructure both in on premise and cloud
• 1/2 years of experience with implementing Security scan and monitoring with web, tool, networking perspective
• Experience with Shell scripting
• Knowledge on Site reliability engineering for infrastructure and application monitoring
• Experience in Agile Software Development with best practices
• 4-year college degree in computer science or engineering and an AWS certificate is preferred