Job Description :

Cloud Developer w/Java and AWS:

Detailed Job Description What you will do :
•         Participate in producing conceptual, solution and component-level architectures and associated artifacts. 
•         Develop cross domain business requirements reference architecture for transition and target state and contribute to the cloud related patterns and implementations. 
•         Develop common components for shared business capabilities with  Standards and best practices.  
•        Develop the transition architecture using services offered by AWS and private cloud
•         Migrate legacy applications to AWS and private cloud.  
What you will have :
•         Hands on experience with AWS cloud networking including VPCs, Subnets, Security Groups, ACLs, Transit Gateways, ALB/NLB, Route53, ACM, API Gateway and related technologies
•         Understanding of networking processing, protocols, and standards - TCP/IP, UDP, DNS, HTTP
•         Hands on experience with security mechanisms including mTLS, x509, OpenID Connect, JWT/JWE, OAuth2, PEP/PDP, SAML, WS-Security, Basic Auth and ABAC/RBAC based policies
•         Hands on “code first” development of cloud configuration and components from the ground up using tools like Gitlab and Terraform
•         Strong hands on experience in one or more development languages including Java, python, Golang
•         Experience with Open Trace, AWS Cloud Watch, DataDog, Prometheus, ELK, Grafana, Hystrix,, App Dynamics, NetCool and other tools to ensure the cloud is operating as expected
•         Hands on experience with continuous delivery (CD) tooling including Jenkins, GitLab, Travis CI, GoCD and others.
•         Hands on experience with Containers including tools like Docker, Kubernetes, ECS/ECR, and other related technologies and tools
•         Experience  in explaining complex technology decisions and developing high trust relationships with stakeholders. 
•         Ability to develop target state architecture using services offered by AWS and private cloud and vision to develop the transition architecture. 
•         Ability to design patterns for moving legacy applications to AWS and private cloud. 
•         Hand on experience with common architecture patterns (microservices, event-driven, REST, NO SQL databases, Caches, etc.) and services offered by AWS (S3, EKS, RDS, elastic search, etc.) 
•         Hands on experience addressing operational and non-functional concerns (e.g. scalability, performance, maintainability, load distribution, resilience and recovery, etc.) 
•         Experience with SAFe framework or other similar agile frameworks. 
•         Experience with Java, Kafka, Spring, Redis, Kubernetes,  OpenShift and others. 
•         Guidewire experience is big plus


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