Job Description :
Our client is looking for Big Data Tester for a Long term project in Charlotte, NC Below is the detailed requirement.

Job Title: Big Data Tester
Location: Charlotte, NC
Duration: Long Term

Due to the current scenario globally (COVID 19), Our clients will allow working remotely for selected resources until the situation comes to normal.

Job Description:
· Experience in Big Data Testing Strategies
· Experience in checking various characteristics like conformity, accuracy, duplication, consistency, validity, data completeness, etc.
· Experience in Data Staging Validation like:
· Data from various source like RDBMS, weblogs, social media, etc. should be validated to make sure that correct data is pulled into the system
· Comparing source data with the data pushed into the Hadoop system to make sure they match
· Verify the right data is extracted and loaded into the correct HDFS location
· Experience in "MapReduce" Validation
· To Ensure Map Reduce process works correctly
· To Ensure Data aggregation or segregation rules are implemented on the data
· To Ensure Key value pairs are generated
· To Ensure Validating the data after the Map-Reduce process
· Experience in Output Validation Phase: To check the transformation rules are correctly applied, To check the data integrity and successful data load into the target system, To check that there is no data corruption by comparing the target data with the HDFS file system data

Client : Banking