Job Description :
Job title: Azure Security Engineer Location: Armonk, NY Job Description: Need a Dashboard covering Access related activities, Data Activities, Resource level auditing, Deployment Activities, & Log Analytics data - Microsoft Azure Dashboard & workbook(Preferred) Requirement of having two dashboard one for PROD and another one for NONPROD, which should Dashboard should contain all security related information. It should be user friendly and easy to pick or find the issues. Preference is more on Azure workbook than on Azure monitor. Any suspicious activity occurring from a compromised resources or resources accessed for an unusual location in Azure - Azure Security center Threat protection for Azure data resources: SQL Database and Azure Storage - Azure Security center Provides insight into the resource level operations performed in your subscription. - Azure activity Logs & Azure Security center Provides insight into trace requests, analyzes usage trends, and diagnoses issues with your storage account - Azure Security center Displays information about ingress and egress IP traffic via Azure flow logs for NSG and pinned to dashboard for easy visualization. SQL Database auditing to: Audit all the queries and stored procedures executed against the database Database-level auditing Retain an audit trail of selected events Report on database activity. Analyze reports for suspicious events, unusual activity, and trends. PIM is enabled in Prod and it should be elevated only in case of major changes (depends upon the role they request) and one more point will be aggregating all traffic logs (VM & NIC level ) includes IP's, ports, protocol etc.