Job Description :
Key Skills : Background in building / architecting Analytics platforms in Azure MLOPs, Data Wrangling, Model Collaboration, Deploy models at scale, Explainable AI At least 2 from: Databricks, Cosmos, Snowflake, Data Factory, Azure Synapse, Hadoop SQL and Power BI Python, Spark or Scala IOT services, CICD Key Responsibilities : Architect a cloud data pipeline / data analytics environment to manage the different data workloads / ETL processes with the performance and reliability. Responsible for end to end data analytics design and architecture in cloud. Enhance existing data pipelines in cloud for data transformation and aggregation. Address a majority of technical questions concerning customization, integration, enterprise architecture and general feature / functionality of Cloud Data Analytics Data mining using state-of-the-art methods. Enhancing data collection procedures for building analytic systems. Guide the team to setup, configure and deploy Cloud analytics Platform. Guide the team to manage configurations for multiple departments/groups within single environment stack. Define processes, roles & responsibilities to execute and manage new processes Lead data analytics team for implementing the best practices. Work with large amounts of engineering and operational data, turning complex statistical observations into succinct and clear messaging for product leadership and customer success teams. Enable stakeholders to make key decisions with accurate data analysis, reports and presentations of key findings.