Job Description :
Hands on experience working with terraforms, AWS key manager, understanding & setting up VPCs, on-prem/AWS connectivity (ingress,egress Ability to communicate and collaborate with large teams to translate logical arch/design into physical solution on AWS. Hands on experience provisioning storage, creating Aurora PostgeSQL clusters on RDS, configuring EFS, AWS IAM authentication, connecting PostgreSQL to IAM, setting up groups/roles, managing backup and archival Understands underlying AWS accounts setup, segmentation of AWS accounts, knows how to install 3rd party software on Linux, extensive knowledge of Linux operating system, follows and adheres documented best practices Highly responsive to customer needs, technically proficient in AWS services (not just talking about it, hands on) this includes VPC setup, Transient GW setup and management, EFS/S3 configuration, Aurora PostgreSQL RDS setup and management, AWS IAM, AWS scheduler, Cloudwatch