Job Description :
AWS Architect
12 months contract
Our client is interested in someone with hands on experience of coming up with an architecture/design to handle the business requirements, and then implementing it using technologies available on the AWS platform as the LEAD developer along with other developers.
Skills needed: Hands-on AWS Architecture (especially Lambda serverless) experience, Glue, Athena, Snowflake, Redis
Role description:
* Skilled/experienced AWS Architect/Developer folks that will be focused on heads down design and development
* Should be a lead hands-on AWS server-side architect working with lead AWS developer to build out a backend AWS application infrastructure that can provide performant access to aggregated portfolio data.
* This data is currently stored in S3 and is accessed using AWS Athena, and has recently been migrated to Snowflake.
* The lead architect and developer(s) would work with customer data team to come up with solution to provide performant access to the data.
* The data should be aggregated and cached whenever the data changes so that any access to the data is really just a simple query, that does NOT require aggregating up to 5000 companies in real time.
* Provide architectural guidance working with AWS Development, DevOps and data teams.

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