Job Description :
Senior Architect Quality Engineer Location: Remote- CDT or EDT Interview Process: 2 OR 3 internal video interviews Project Overview: Developing and building a custom automation framework and test methodologies for A e AEM brand sites across 10+ brands. Identifying and adding robust technical solutions to scale the functionality of the automation framework and strategy. Doing so with a global team to drive optimizations, efficiencies, and value for our clients. Screening Requirements: Please screen candidates that they are comfortable with working for a large tobacco company, working on large tobacco accounts. Top Skill Sets/ Experiences Required: Job description was created by the team for this specific need. The team is looking for a Quality Engineering automation resource with lead capabilities, communicating with clients, border line client facing role who also can work and do hands on coding Expected Start Date: November 8th, 2021. End Date (if applicable): Current PID says December 31st, 2021. Will extend past this to March 31st, 2022. Always depending on performance Please note: Background check must be complete prior to starting. The Automation Engineer uses strong Agile methodologies and Continuous Integration/Delivery processes across multiple platforms and software versions with a focus primarily on building out automation frameworks, designing performance and load tests, integrating automation solutions, and enhancing automated test coverage using a Selenium, Java, JS and/or C Responsibilities: Use Selenium IDE with Java and/or C# Code, to create and maintain Automation scripts Configure Selenium Web driver with Eclipse and Java add all Jar files, import Selenium libraries, write script in Eclipse and run in Selenium WebDriver Open Java classes in Java Editors of Eclipse to modify scripts in Selenium Web driver as and when enhancements are made Create C# Scripts and automate GUI tests across multiple real browser combinations using Cross browser testing tool Create API Documentation containing Method, URL, Headers and Body in Dev Test and Postman for API testing must have experience with RestAssured Create POST request in JSON by adding header and serializing the data of request Write XML requests in SOAP UI, validate data in response xmls to perform Web services automation Use Db queries (for filling and updating the cache) to highly optimize SQL performed via JDBC to prevent creation of many Java objects Maintain and update automation script versions with Configuration tools such as Subversion and Jenkins Qualifications: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or related field required 5+ years of test automation development experience using a Selenium, Java, and/or C# required Experience with developing test automation and frameworks using tools like Selenium WebDriver, QTP/UFT, jMeter, etc. Experience with CI/CD using Jenkins Proven ability to build and maintain test automation frameworks using TestNG and/or JUnit

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