Job Description :
Job Title: APM Expert Location: Toronto, ON Contract Skills, Knowledge & Experience (List required and essential SKEs and explicitly state when one is preferred) Skills and Knowledge: Expert knowledge in Application Performance Monitoring including end user experience measurement, run-time environment (discovery), Application Profiling, Performance metrics from each of the applications/systems technical components and problem detection and resolution. Knowledge of the APM conceptual framework. Solid understanding of issues of scale and performance in large-scale cloud environments Ability to identify, debug and propose viable solutions to issues of scale and performance. Knowledgeable about useful metrics, and how to work with them to track against goals/KPIs and Dashboards Ability in defining monitoring solutions/design for multicloud/hybrid cloud solutions Ability to monitor microservices and containerized application with Prometheus, Grafana and Loki Understand the specific scenario, implement them and create action-oriented dashboards (which include definition of Business transactions, Health rules, Alerts, working with NOC and R&D team Ability to map various monitoring tools for End to End monitoring Ability to provide on-call support and lead the troubleshooting and RCA Responsible for providing health and performance reports, developing AIOps rules, creating alerts, creating custom dashboards, and maintaining associated CMDB's and relevant metadata. Additionally, the candidate will be responsible for the effective and efficient operational support of all enterprise monitoring tools (Appdyanmics, Azure Monitor, New Relic, Site 24x7, Prometheous, Grafana, Loki, Solarwinds) used to support the mission Must be motivated and excellent problem-solving skills. Ability to comprehend complex system Engineerures and find creative approaches to testing them. Analytical and structured approached to problem solving and testing. Ability to write effective and reliable test automation scripts from requirement specifications. Expert knowledge in end to end profiling, tuning, recommendations for overall system scalability Expert knowledge in volumetric, sizing/estimation and modeling Experience with capacity planning and scalability design Knowledgeable about useful metrics, and how to work with them to track against goals/KPIs. Strong organization and communication skills Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field and 10+ years of experience in software development. Outstanding communication skills and attention to detail Experience: Minimum 10 years of progressive technical experience in software development, design, Engineerure, Performance Engineering, IT operations roles Dedicated 5+ years of experience related to application performance monitoring 3+ years of dedicated practical experience with AppDynamics end to end implementation in production environment 5+ years of dedicated experience in Production and continues monitoring leveraging AppDynamics, Azure Monitor, AppInsight, Prometheus, Grafana and Loki. 3+ Years of experience in Azure IAAS, PAAS service monitoring 3+ experience in tracking and improving performance SLOs, NFR, in production 3+ Years experience in Performance test scripting leveraging LoadRunner, Storm Runner, and Gatling 3+ years experience in 24x7 production support monitoring of applications Experience in implementing production ready integrated end to end monitoring across all technology components including definition of Business transactions, Health rules, Alerts and dashboards Strong and have in-depth in Synthetic monitoring, End-user monitoring, APM (Java/.Net/MQ/Websphere/weblogic), Infrastructure, Database, App servers, Database, Containers and related from E2E perspective leveraging app dynamics and can do active and passive monitoring. 3 years of Experience as SRE/DevOPs/Continues Monitoring for Zero Down Time/No Ops platforms 2 years Experience in Multicloud monitoring solutioning and Design is must 3 yearsof Experience in Prometheous operator, ARO and various other Exporters for metrics scrapping and log analytics monitoring 3 yearsof Experience in Kubernetes/K8/AKS and Azure PAAS services monitoring Experience in implementing Metrics , logs and tracing for Java, Node, Eestjs, ruby, Postgres, ,Net with Prometheus, Grafana and Loki Experience in Azure Cloud is must Experience in AIOps (MoogSoft), AI and Machine learning for correlating, automating intelligent monitoring and insights and reducing alert noise is a plus APM and AIOps integration 2-3 years Experience in implementation of proactive and reactive monitoring, integration with alert monitoring and incident management systems Experience with VMWare virtual servers, WebLogic application server (12c), Oracle 11g. Experience with application and system profiling tools Experience in end user experience measurement Experience in run-time environment (discovery) Experience in Profiling the performance and behavior of user-defined transactions Experience in Performance metrics from each of the applications/systems technical components (Webserver, App server, Database, etc Application performance management database Experience with Web Technologies, Web Services/XML/Microservices Linux/Solaris OS experience. Experience with NoSQL database technologies. Experience working within a fast-paced Agile/SCRUM system Experience with networking and integration is a plus Experience with Azure or Amazon Cloud. Experience with large complex distributed transactional systems Experience in Multi cloud/Hybrid cloud is a plus Certification in Azure/AWS solution Engineer is a plus In-depth experience managing (any) ITOM/AIOps/Moogsoft platform Service now integration with Monitoring and Moogsoft 2-3 years Working experience with automation and orchestration solutions, AIOps (AI/ML knowledge) Have any Cloud - Microsoft, Red Hat or Amazon certifications

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