Job Description :
Designs, Develops and implements solutions that meet operational improvement needs. Ensures that decisions are supported by relevant stakeholders and sound performance data. Provides a business-based rationale for determining the necessity of incremental improvements and communicates viewpoint using the customers'' own terminology.
Reviews customer business requirements and determines where support is needed relative to existing technical systems design. Identifies key opportunities for redesign of systems infrastructure to meet customer needs.
Identifies the cost benefits of solutions.
Identifies business process best practices and suggests process improvements
Responsible for conducting prototypes, developing functional specifications, data mapping, function mapping, setting of configuration tables and setting of transaction/ control tables
Assists in security/ authorization set-up, user documentation, data interface design, data migration and reconciliation
Acts as the liaison between the business units, technology teams and support teams
Demonstrates operational agility.
Uses organizational systems that result in multiple critical activities to be identified and completed on time. Renegotiates priorities as necessary.
Puts systems in place and uses them to monitor and detect errors and problems.
Tests and inspects outputs, and applies quality checks prior to work submission.
Analyzes data and designs dashboards in Tableau per user requirements
Working with large and diverse teams in multiple locations
Proactively identify and report on risks, issues and dependencies for the program
Ability to communicate verbally and in writing clearly and succinctly, complex design and technical issues, as well as business and product requirements
Strong presentation and documentation skills.