Job Description :
Position: Storage Engineer

Location: Destin, FL

Duration: 6+ Months

Accepted Visa: USC /GC / H1B / EAD - GC & TN


Responsible for the installation, configuration and administration of Windows servers.

Manages and maintains SAN on a day-to-day basis.

Manages Active Directory infrastructure and processes changes.

Participates in specialized projects requiring technical research and/or vendor coordination.

Coordinates Division-wide technical initiatives.

Provides technical assistance to other members of the group.

Monitors system activity and tunes system parameters for optimal performance, configures

communications with other platforms/networks, configures/maintains system security and maintaining current release levels and patch revisions.

Researches and develops tools and procedures for infrastructure systems.

Tunes, configures and upgrades SAN and all related components.

Evaluates infrastructure performance and reports to management.

Provides disaster recovery plan requirements.

Performs other related duties as assigned.

Required Skills:

Knowledgeable in vCenter Administration, UAG, NSX, VMware Identity Manager.

Experience building and maintaining Horizon View VDI environments, troubleshooting issues as well as

individual VDI pool and Virtual Machine issues.

Understands KPI?s relating to VDI performance around networking, CPU, memory, and storage.

Ability to see patterns in environmental performance trends, logs, and user experience and the ability

to synthesize those patterns into a solution.