Job Description :
AWS DevOps engineer with NodeJS full stack experience
Location Remote

Job Description:
Must have
10+ years of overall experience as software developer
3+ years in AWS, VMWare VSphere and NSX
Expert skills in developing & debugging Terraform code
o Develop modularized & reusable terraform code
o Managing terraform states include remote state management
o Managing security (Keys, ACL, Policy)
o Knowledge of Terraform Enterprise (TFE) tools
3+ years of experience with NodeJS / frontend stack
o Expert skills in build, deployment of NodeJS applications including automated builds
o Dependency management with npm
Create Terraform automation scripts for AWS, VMware vSphere and NSX environments
Initializes various local settings and data (downloading and installing dependencies) that will be used by subsequent commands
Apply the terraform configuration files and capture the execution plan
Fix the failures captured, if any and provide confirmation for plan execution
Check the EC2 console for verification of instance
o Initialization or software provisioning (using provisioner)

Client : Information Technology