Job Description :
The department is trying to determine the most accurate point when collection activities against claimant and employer debt becomes un productive and the organization should identify it for potential write off.
Data for claimant debt has already been transitioned and modeled in Cognos (version 11 For claimant debt, the selected contractor will work with business staff to identify pertinent data elements that will facilitate data analysis and identify write off criteria for this year. The dashboard to be created will allow for the criteria to be reviewed and revised as needed for future state fiscal years, based upon analysis.
For employer debt, the contractor will be responsible for Data analysis, Metadata Modeling, Dimensional Modeling and Report Development
Oracle, MS SQL Server, Microsoft
Access, DB2, TM1
IBM Cognos Analytics v7 through v11
Data Modeling and Design
Data Warehouse Design/Development
IBM Cognos Framework Manager
IBM Cognos Transformer
Report/Dashboard Design &
Installation & Configuration
ETL Design & Development,
Business Assessments
Data Interpretation
Requirements Gathering
Project Management
Business Development
Problem Solving
Cross Functional Analysis/Collaboration
Strong Communication/Presentation