Job Description :
Position:: Project Manager
Client:: Grant Thornton
Location:: Chicago,IL

Job Description::

We are seeking a mid-level project manager to assist in delivering a cloud application to our business client. The PM, as part of planning, will be responsible for assisting the business in defining requirements and aligning several vendor’s delivery tasks to meet the business needs. The PM, as part of delivery, will be responsible for managing the project through completion and acceptance by the business.

Experience must show the following.
Between 5 – 10 years of experience as a project manager within an information technology application development environment.
Familiarity with Microsoft Azure Cloud services
Familiarity with Microsoft O365 applications, uses and functionality
Familiarity with agile and waterfall delivery models.
Understanding of the PMBOK methodology or other formalized delivery methodology.

Skills must include:
Experience in assisting the business to define requirements as part of an RFP.
Experience in conducting startup of projects.
Experience in maintaining accurate status and updates for the duration of the project.
Experience working within an environment that uses formal delivery methodologies.
Experience in aligning technology, business and stakeholder requirements into a single schedule for project completion.
Experience in conflict resolution and management across project stakeholders.