Job Description :
1. Org design and resource planning; we continue to struggle with everyone saying they are “under resourced” so we need support through what the org should look like (I have a starting point) and how many resources we need based on science and not just “we have a lot of work.”
2. Implementation planning for several items: support center technology, and not only ServiceNow but phones, IVRs, etc. I need to start thinking through what we need and how to do it – tied in with branding and tool implementation.
3. Knowledge management – expertise on building knowledge, as well as auditing and maintaining knowledge – this may come with ServiceNow – but would like and independent opinion as well.
4. Strong Process management and documentation skill including identification of measures of success.

- HR Operations
- Human Resource Process designs
- Human Resources Shared Services design
- HR Organization design
- HR Operations implementation planning