Job Description :
System Developer
Manassas, VA

Scope of Work:
In line with team objectives, policies and procedures, to advise, lead, control and follow through
design, development of specifications, coding, testing and maintenance of high quality application
software, tools and development projects.

01 . Design, develop, test, install and support programs/systems. Support projects proposals on the basis of cost/benefit justification interfacing with stakeholders across functional and geographical
02 . Meet with customers to understand needs and requirements and make recommendations on best practice systems solutions for small to medium size/complexity/risk projects.
03 . Analyze detail systems factors: input/output requirements, information flow, hardware and software requirements, alternative approaches, etc.
04 . Validate alternative problem management proposals and make decisions on solutions.
05 . Provide technical assistance to other client colleagues and assist in resolving problems reported by less senior team members.
06 . Provide technical guidance to customers and act as mentor to less senior team members. May give presentations to management and customers.
07 . May prepare and complete systems documentation and operating procedures.
08 . May lead design review meetings for small to medium size/complexity/risk projects.
09 . May coordinate and monitor the activities, such as schedules and costs, of a small project team.
10 . Evaluate and recommend technical feasibility and estimates of the proposed systems solutions.

Skills/Requirements: Level: (Junior/Specialist/Expert)
Jr = 1-5 yrs / Spec=5-10yrs / Exp= >10 + yrs
Java Core /J2EE Specialist
Ksh/Perl Specialist
Angular.js, D3.js and node.js Specialist
REST/JSON API programming Specialist
XML Language Programming Specialist
PKI Security/Cryptography Specialist