Job Description :

cloud deployment experience with AWS or any other cloud. AWS certification for solution architect or developer is preferred.

· Hands-on knowledge of Kubernetes and Docker (creating images, setting up and configuring containers)

· Good level of awareness of network aspects in development (in cloud and traditional) – firewalls, load balancers, vpc, routing tables, egress, ingress, etc.

· Proficiency with command line (UNIX) and CLIs. Experience in scripting: unix shell, python, perl, etc. (It has to be more than just “I have modifying a URL in the existing script”. The latter is not scripting

· Hands-on experience doing DevOps and automation for Java based CI/CD pipeline: Git, Jenkins, Gradle, Maven, Sonar, Selenium, Blazemeter, etc. (Jenkins pipelines assume scripting knowledge - like groovy)

· Familiarity with JAVA development, compilation, debug, etc. that requires to troubleshoot build and deployment issues. (this can only work if person have had some Java coding experience)

· Experience with IBM Liberty profile (or IBM WebSphere) is preferred.

· Some understanding of databases (user level) and ability to write basic queries (database and/or splunk

Client : Virtusa/JPMC