Job Description :
DevOps Release Manager
San Francisco, CA
Wipro/Wells Fargo

Jr. RTL (Release Technical Lead) role requirements:

TOP 3 (Non-Negotiables)
· 2+ Java or JavaScript experience.
· Ability to multi-task and work effectively in a deadline driven cross team environment.
· Effective skills in facilitating meetings & involving a large number of participants driving toward desired outcomes within prescribed timeframes and scope.

Minimum Qualifications
· Strong verbal and written communication skills, including delivery of presentations.
· Python 2 or 3
· SIT, QA Environment Smoke test and signoff for release builds.
· Support for code merges and conflicts including build failure issues.
· Management of CQ defects to follow-up until closure (Non-project defects
· Experience in Impact Assessment document prep and maintenance.
· Staging & Production device checkout on Production support calls.
· Fortify Scan Security issues analysis.
· Experience in Scrum methodology with sprints of 3-weeks.
· 2+ Experience in business analysis, requirements documentation and overall systems development and testing process.
· Experience with analytics tools (CMS (SDL Tridion); Splunk (log analysis) and data warehouse database environment.
· Proven success working in a fast paced environment with shifting priorities while managing tactical and strategic deliverables to meet release time lines.
· Working knowledge of Python and batch programming.
· Working knowledge of GIT
· Good understanding of DEV OPS and associated technology such as Jenkins, uDeploy and Puppet

Preferred Qualifications
· Demonstrated Experience in Spring Framework and Mobile Development with Speed to Market projects.
· Ability to communicate with the business.
· Ability to think strategically about technical direction, engineering practices, and business practices.
· Ability to not only understand new technologies but also their impact to banking and online sales.
· Ability to guide the business in the features and flow of functionality and support applications.
· Either prior familiarity or ability to quickly learn banking processes, and support of banking products.