Job Description :
JOB Description:

Job Title: BigData SME

Will close to submissions: Thursday 6/16/19 at 10:00am EST

Direct round 1 Onsite interviews only. No option for Web cam or Phone.

This position will function as a highly skilled with specific responsibilities that include:

Operate effectively as a BigData SME with knowledge of the latest tools, applications and cloud infrastructures necessary to implement a powerful open source system.
Operate as technical expert with intimate knowledge regarding all components that comprise the entire solution set.
Serve as the SME on the host of applications and environments required to serve the users.
Assist with developing the delivery Epics, Stories and Tasks that will comprise the solution set for BI.
Operate as the cross technology and platform SME.

· Mentor teams involved in developing highly technical solutions and promote culture that values input from all team members.

Promote continuous learning and deliver value to the customer.
Assist in the development of standards, procedures and operating systems applications.
Assist with revision of existing solutions to increase operating efficiency or adapt to new requirements.
Prepare records and reports.


4-year college degree in computer science or related field with a master’s degree preferred.

10+ yrs. experience in software development.
10+ yrs. experience in Java, considered a journeyman in this language.
Extensive experience in Open Source software.
Extensive experience with functional and object-oriented programming
10+ yrs. experience of secure DevOps design and implementation.
8+ yrs. Big Data system design and implementation.
Experienced in at least ONE of the following technologies (more preferred)

o Functional programming (Elixir)

o Front end development (ReactJS)

o Docker and Container orchestration (Kubernetes)

o Cloud DevOps (AWS, Terraform)

Deep Learning experience in the context of AVCV.
Solid principles in domain driven design.
8+ yrs. experience of leading the adoption of Agile development methodology and Knockout technology
5 yrs. experience in Hadoop HDFS Build and administration, certification preferred.
7 yrs. experience in Web systems and application deployment, leveraging docker containers for releases.
7 yrs. experience in Requirements Gathering and Use Case development