Corp-Corp Vendors & Suppliers Meet

Date : Feb-15-2008 (Friday) Time : 5:00 PM to 08:00 PM
Location : Fun Asia - Ghungroo Banquet Hall, 1210 E. Beltline Rd, TX 75081
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Effective Networking
Effective Networking
"Good Engine to visit, I will recommend the account managers to use this site."
- Murty, Intellisoft Technologies Inc
"Thank you. This is my second gathering at Corp-Corp meeting. You are supporting us in all the aspects."
- Vekat Chakka, ETek IT Services Inc
Expand Business
Great Opportunity to Expand Your Business
"Interesting to know the tool is invented to survive IT consulting Industry. I appreciate you for the effort to put up. I will definitely use your service."
- OmPrakash Vajinapalli, High Rise IT Consulting
"Event is good. We need to have enough understanding about every company, we would be looking for having a market trend analysis software from you."
- Manish, Amensys Inc
"Thank you for arranging the meeting. I have used your product and I am pleased with the resumes I "FETCHED" We will continue to use. All the BEST."
- Vishal Bhagat, Regency Technologies Inc
"Good form of intercommunication tool, if it can reach more companies, it will help everyone."
- Chandra, Pixel info systems, Inc
Effective Networking
Effective Networking
"Good Service, we will try to use your service."
- Kalyana Lakshmanan, New England Software
"Good Job, Keep it up."
- Surya Bhavanam, Saiware Solutions
Vendors & Suppliers Meet
Vendors & Suppliers Meet
"Very Good, Interesting Meeting."
- Surya Boddu, Spectacular Software
"Everything is Good"
- Hanumesh, Crown Vision Tech Group
Vendors & Suppliers Networking
Vendors & Suppliers Networking
"Quite Interesting, will try it."
- Krishna Srivastava, Softwarefolks Inc
"Like It, will try it!"
- Vibha Ghanekar, Y & J Consulting
Happy Hour
Happy Hour
"Very successful meeting, very informative."
- Anne Kohlmos, A & H Consulting
"Overall the seminar is useful"
- Mahesh Ramineni, SSTL
Effective Networking
Effective Networking
"Very informative and Good meeting."
- Anil Samrat, Vincent IT
"Meeting is Good, It has very good content."
- Divyanand, Vincent IT
Expand Business
"Thanks for inviting me to this meeting, I am looking forward to trying"
- Cindy, Vignon Corp
"I am an attorney and this was a great networking event. I would love to sponsor an event."
- Rakesh Patel, Law Office of Rakesh Patel
Expand Business
Expand Your Business
"Excellent Concept"
- Vikarm, CCSI
"Very Good Networking opportunity"
- Akula & Association
Expand Your Business
Expand Your Business
"It is excellent. I would like to subscribe it soon."
- Ram, Pixel Info Systems Inc
"It is good tool, very useful definitely will try it."
- Sashi, Imp Sys