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Corp-Corp Companies Networking Event - NJ

Date : 08-Sep-2007 Time : 11:30 am to 3:00 pm Location : Holiday Inn, 3050 Woodbridge Ave, Edison, NJ 08837
Highlights of the Event :: Fetch Tech Contracts & Consultants :: Corp-Corp Companies Networking Event - NJ NJ Event - An informative session NJ Event - More than 200 executives under one roof NJ Event - Socializing & Networking NJ Event - Effective Networking CEO Prabakaran Murugaiah Explains the FETCH Technology NJ Event - Attorney Kavitha Ramasami NJ Event - Attorney Kavitha Ramasami (H1B stamping issues discussion) NJ Event - Visalakshi Kannan : Consultant Presentation skills NJ Event - Q & A NJ Event - Q & A NJ Event - Q & A NJ Event - Delicious Lunch

Thank you note from Prabakaran Murugaiah, CEO [Now]


It was a great pleasure meeting everyone at one place. This event is definitely a milestone in the Corp-Corp consulting business. Your feedback, suggestions, ideas are awesome and highly valuable. Now we have a platform to take our business to next level. Together we can create a winning team!!

Special thanks to Attorney Kavitha Ramasami and Visalakshi Kannan. will continue to conduct more powerful events like this. In future events, we would like to provide an opportunity to our paid subscribers to represent your services on stage.

Since I am not able to spend much time with everyone, please feel free to call me at 703-786-4047 or email me for any business proposals or other possible opportunities.

Looking for a long and rewarding business association with you.

Best Regards
Prabakaran Murugaiah
Founder & CEO

“I like which is very helpful in finding consultants for my requirements and post our consultants' resumes. Event is well organized. Site is good.” - Lakshmi, CEO, Om Software Solutions, Inc
“We needed a Java guy and posted at and got many matching candidates in MINUTES. This Works ! Thanks Corp-corp !!” - Sudhakar Majety, Managing Partner, Upani Consultants Ltd
“Very Interesting” - Niyaz Sainudeen, President, Infotech Valley, Inc
“Good seminar - Thank You. Provide a buyer-seller IT company/consultant rating system. Feedback on experience working with companies/consultants. Penalty to violators of Corp-corp ethical policies of posting resume/requirements.” - Mihir Shah, President, Diviasoft, Inc
“Like to have these type of meetings often. Of course, food is very great. Thanks for arranging the meeting. Presentation by Kavitha Ramasami, Visalakshi Kannan and Prabakar is very very informative and very good. As a start-up, this meeting is going to give me a lot of business, as I already found some prospective companies which matches my company skills. Thank you !” - Gopi Srini, Vice President,Tektree Systems Inc
“ has been a great source for recruiting resources and sending requirements all the time. We were able to place few consultants. We wish Corp-corp a good success in their business.” - Mahalingam Narayanan, Vice President, Guru IT Services, Llc
“Businesses signed up with corp-corp should be ranked (feedback loop) logged to ensure quality companies to deal. Overall looks like good product. Areas logged: Feedback on payments and Duplicate resumes” - Rajesh Rao, Vice President, IC Infotech Inc
“The whole event was very good. Thank you for all the information.” - Asif Ali, Vice President, MultiBiz, Inc
“The event was excellent. Good effort to bring all recruiters/vendors in one platform.” - Sudhakar G Agaram, Director, Information And Technology Management
“A very sincere effort to simplify and reduce timelags in the consulting market by bringing IT companies under the same roof with a comprehensive software tool that caters to the most of the needs. Has been a very valuable and informative session.” - Kalpana Sajeev, Head Recruitment, CAMO Technologies
“Free trial period to prove worth of membership to business owners” - Natasha, Staffing Specialist, E Soft Inc
“This is the exact tool that we were looking for. All the features included will be a great success. We wish you lots of luck.” - Kumudini Bolleboina, Business Manager, Reinvision Inc
“It is a very good seminar. Great Job.” - Sunil Golla, Business Manager, Reinvision Inc
“Add feedback about all the companies like in eBay.” - Mohan Gadde, IT Manager, Amsol Inc
“Professionally managed event. Precise. Nice lunch. Good tool. Skill set selection to be enhanced. How do I operate having multiple BDMs and multiple recruiters?” - Manoj Vora, BDM, Techdemocracy, Llc
“Wonderful Job! Keep up the great work ! You are trying to integrate consulting companies together. It is tough, but it is required to grow. Great !!!” - Nagaraj Kowsik, BDM, ZSL Inc
“So far looks good. Need to explore more before any comments.” - Raj Singhal, Technical Manager, Charter Global
“Good tool. Good Job. Good concept. Thank you for posting such a great event. Excellent idea of providing resources to match our needs. Keep it up ! Good luck.” - Params, Accounts Manager, Trice Systems Llc
“Its been a pleasure attending the conference. Thank you for this wonderful experience. We hope it gets the best to IT companies like mine. My best wishes to Corp-corp for any further endeveours. Would stay in touch through emails so that we could suggest in due course of time.” - Participant, Tech Recruiter, Netrocon Systems
“It's a nice thing to meet lot of people in one place. Nice to understand the Corp-corp FETCH option. Good food.” - Ravi, Tech Recruiter, Trice Systems Llc
“The event was really helpful for me as a recruiter. Good job guys ! The entire idea behind the setting up of the sounds interesting. I'll keep looking for sure. Hope it works out.” - Vivek Bhoomireddy, Recruiter, Wizard Systems Inc
“First of all, a very generous effort of arranging an event like this. I appreciate it.” - Sampoda Bhonsale, Sales, Infovision Technologies Inc
“Great presentation. Best portal/only portal for cleaning the bench.” - Flyn Mendes, Yash Technologies
“Overall, the arrangement was good. We have to still start exploring the website Portal presentation is good.” - Saibabu Valluripalli, Goldstone Technologies
“Event was great. Would like to be part of Corp-corp companies.” - Reema, Infovision Technologies Inc
“How about an introductory trial period for 2-4 weeks? A good marketing and networking effort, well organized. Decent presentations, fairly informative.” - Rupa Rao, E Soft Inc
“It's a very good event to attend. Kavitha Ramasami's input on H1B issues is valuable and also Visalakshi's tips to prepare consultants for interview are good. I wish Corp-corp team a huge success in bringing all people together and offer good services.” - Venkat, Fabergent
“Good event. Helped to extend my contacts. Need to make all recruiters use this which can be centralized & can be helpful.” - Ragav, Goldstone Technologies
“Very good event. A placeholder for bizcards at the venue would be nice to have.” - Sreenivas, Creativity Biased, Inc
“Good Work” - Shriram Kumar, Sunmerge Inc
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