Corp-Corp Vendors & Suppliers Meet

Date : Dec-01-2007 (Saturday) Time : 11:00 am to 04:00 pm
Location : IO Conference Center, Schaumburg, IL
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Corp-Corp Vendors & Suppliers Meet
Corp-Corp Vendors & Suppliers Meet
"Very productive session, sitting in Omeha, NE it is very difficult to meet so many people, keep up the good work. It is very difficult to start something like this, count me in for any support."
- Ravi Rajagopal, Vaishnavy LLC
"It has been a great opportunity to meet counterparts from other Corp to Corp companies, network and get into mutualy beneficial association. Look forward your next meeting."
- Joe Puthen, President, Alert IT Solutions Inc
Attorney Rakesh Mehrotra
Attorney Rakesh Mehrotra
"Thank you for giving the opportunity to meet companies of similar background."
- Dilip Vadlamudi, President, Pyramid Consulting Inc
"Great Job! Hats Off! Create a feedback system for both companies/consultants to build the trust."
- Sudheer Venkat Chakka, President,
  eTek IT Services, Inc
"Become a trust guarantor. Good things will happen."
- Herald Manjooran, President, DivIHN Integration Inc
"Nice business model, keep it up. Subscription model needs to be updated."
- Sreeni Reddy, Vice-President - HR,
Prashanth Vemuganti - GCI
Prashanth Vemuganti - GCI
"Was positive and gained knowledge."
- Mohammed, Altius Consulting Inc
"Thanks for inviting and one of the best technology in the recent times. Wish you all the best."
- Prashanth Vemuganti, Program Director, GCI
Prabakaran Murugaiah, Founder & CEO, [Now]
Prabakaran Murugaiah, Founder & CEO, [Now]
"Good Session, Great Job. Let me use the system and experience it."
- Varatha Rajan, CEO, IT Works International Inc
"Good concept, useful networking. Corp-Corp presentation was useful. The attorney shared some useful info."
- Kannan Venkataraman, CEO, SRA Systems
Vendors & Suppliers
Vendors & Suppliers
"This tool is good for Corp-Corp com business. Feedback system for each member company would give new members an idea of how good the company would be. Thank you for Getting all the consulting companies together."
- Pooja Kapani, Account Executive,
  Wyvil Systems, Inc
"Corp-Corp conference is a good place to meet new vendors and recruiters, it's a good portal which is quite useful for placing consultants and requirements, its saves time and increases business."
- Barkha, Sr. Recruiter, IndSoft Inc
Sankar -
Sankar Veeramalai-
Vendors & Suppliers Introduction
Vendors & Suppliers Introduction - Ed Kruse, Consulting Technologis Inc
"Good presentation, I would love to use the FETCH tool."
- Sridhar, Skanda Inc
"It was a good event to network and also learn about your product."
- Minish Jhaveri, RJT, Increase Success Rate, Increase Success Rate
"Excellent networking opportunity. Would require some more orientation to use the portal more effectively."
- Kumar, Metmox, Inc
"Excellent and very useful meet."
- J.D.Janakiraman ,
"It is very good event."
- Nagesh Rao, Business Manager, A2ZUniQue Inc
"Good Presentation. May be you need to add testimonials."
- Parthiv Zaveri, Manager, Qualitree Inc
"Its good meet people from other companies."
- Krithiga Kesavan, Recruiter, Xylo Technologies
"This is really good event, we need to have this type of meetings very often."
- Lakshmi, Iappz Solutions Inc
Business Lunch
Business Lunch
"It's a good system to known about the requirements and resumes and good place to get in touch with new vendors to get more business into successful in less time."
- Suneetha, Manager, IndSoft Inc
"Really good conference. Very useful. Keep up the good work."
- Tharun Mohan, BDM,
  Global Technology Resources and Solutions Inc
Business Lunch
Business Lunch
"Nice gathering."
- Lakshmi Nese, Advent global
"Good networking capabilities and opportunities."
- Jagan Ramakrishnan, Account Manager,
  SRA Systems
Vendors & Suppliers Introduction
Vendors & Suppliers Introduction: Ram Nunugonda, JSMN International Inc
"Wonderful Job, very useful."
- Aparna Reddy, Cyberwiz
"Great to see "Great Minds" together. Very pleased with."
- Ram Nunugonda, Manager - IT Services,
  JSMN International Inc
"Thanks for the great effort in bringing us together and providing for the discussion forum."
- Paul Selvakumar, Business Unit Head,
  DivIHN Integration Inc
"Very helpful conference for networking, especially from Corp to Corp business."
- Vinod Sadhu, S V Technologies
"Great Work!"
- Ajit Walker, Director-Global Sales, Lancesoft
"Good concept, good tool, needs more improvement."
- Raj Mahendra, Director Operations,
  Integrated Business Group Inc

Thanks note from Prabakaran Murugaiah, Founder & CEO, [Now]

Dear Executives,

It was an amazing networking event for the IT consulting business. I am thrilled to see many companies who are very niche, specialized and focused in hi-tech consulting services, to be very specific, Security cleared facility company, 30-40% EDI consulting resources are provided by a single company, Specilizing in SAP utility practice, Tera data, Tivoli and many more. We all have something very niche - we work hard and support US as well as global economy. Our contribution to the Hi-Tech industry and technology solutions are highly valuable. We have to work together towards facilitating our common interests. is committed to support any initiatives for achieving our common goals.

Our potentiality of cooperation is so much that if we combine the revenue of all the IL conference participating companies itself is more than $ONE BILLION. management is very proud and extremely happy about hosting such an extraordinary event. As a resultant, we hope that most of you are able to find good number of vendors & suppliers to expand your business. We will send you the contact list of all participants. Creating a business relationship is a long term process. Companies do more business with whom they know, whom they like and whom they trust.

We offer 30 days FREE trial to all the recruiters of all the participating companies. We sincerely thank you for your support and appreciate your valuable feedback. Together we can create a winning, trusted and healthy Corp-Corp network. Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions. We assure you to provide our best support your business in all possible ways., is not only providing a tool to Recruiters. It is real platform for Corp-Corp Companies to connect, share and profit.

With the encouragement received from you, we are able to host our 4th event "Corp-Corp Vendors & Suppliers Meet" at Chicago, IL on 1st Dec,2007 within 5 months.

My sincere thanks to our speakers, Attorney Rakesh Mehrotra, Sankar Veeramalai-, Prashanth Vemuganti - GCI for providing valuable information to strengthen our business.

Any accomplishment requires the effort of many people. I sincerely express my gratitude to all who were instrumental in accomplishing this task.

I am really thankful to all the participants and Corp-Corp users for the confidence they have with us.

We ensure to provide the best support and services to our Corp-Corp business community, at all times. Let's join hands in creating a winning team.

Look forward to see you again

Best Regards
Prabakaran Murugaiah
Founder & CEO

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