Job Description :
Microsoft Access Database Systems Analyst to develop, assess and analyze business and system database needs, exploring alternative options and provide consulting services to management.
Prepares high level and detailed technical specifications, ERD and work flow diagrams. Works collaboratively with the management team to determine best mix of development, interfacing applications and solutions to meet business requirements and project objectives.
Typical project scope is small to large database development or maintenance database projects.
Emphasis is on Microsoft Access Database experience, VBA/SQL knowledge and incorporating systems solutions that will benefit the business.

Skills and Competencies:

Microsoft (MS) Access 2007 or higher developer experience
Experienced in MS Excel and spreadsheet development and analysis.
Relational database design (unique identifiers, relational table creation)
Understand and use data types
VBA knowledge and application
Advanced Form creation for adds, edits, deletions
Advanced reporting knowledge
Ability to create complicated IF statements and calculated fields
Knowledge of using multiple functions within fields such as datepart, min, max, avg,
Ability to create macros
Knowledge of importing and linking various sources of data such as Excel and Access.
SQL knowledge to create Select, Update, Delete, Union, Append queries. Outer joins, Equal joins
Ability to create emails and attach reports to them
Ability to create ERD diagrams & Work Flow diagrams
Experience writing procedures
Experience manipulating data within Excel or other files to the correct format for Access to read. Such as comma delimited files.

Key Accountabilities:

Technical skills and expertise to assess, research and analyze business and system needs
Organized with good time management skills - Business acumen
Strategic influencing - Can deal with ambiguity and manage change effectively
Comfortable in high pressure, deadline-oriented environment
Ability to adapt quickly; function independently
Creative thinker, breakthrough, innovative, out of the box thinker
Team player, cooperative with good interpersonal skills

Client : Cloudious