Job Description :
Job Description :

In addition to project management experience, have familiarity with compliance, including privacy.

Candidate Requirements:

Comfortable with given task 9Example: putting together PowerPoint deck, track down person, do first round of edits to finalize, comfortable putting together initiative, what is that site, put a draft together, social skills that you cant send demanding emails to people. Basic PMO, directing traffic. Sponsor will be in audit and needs copy of spreadsheet, create the ticket to show they have submitted it. 3-5 years of experience. Doesn’t need them to run audits before. They need to have familiarity with audit, name type of audit certifications but can give 1 of 4 answers. 1st: ISO, PCI, SOC and Fedramp.
Good with excel (can do pivot tables) – example of pivot tables done and PowerPoint
Best vs Average: Is familiar with audit compliance, someone who has worked for Big 4 – IBM, Deloitte, Prince and House, knows what evidence collection is, confidence to do job= but doesn’t go rogue. Average: Moderate to severe amounts of micro managing.
Disqualifier: Doesn’t have 1 engagement with MS. If they don’t have audit or MS experience, they are not the best fit. Audit but no MS experience.
No degrees.
Deliverables submitted by deadline. Sponsor has to redo work to certain degree.

Top 3 Must Have Skills :

Audit/Compliance familiarity and experience
PM experience
PowerPoint presentation – The FTE’s wouldn’t present but the PM would draft and run through dry run. Additionally, they will make changes for final edits.