Job Description :
1. Business lead for corporate-wide change analysis and design identifying the organisation''s strengths and weaknesses and working with the business to define often complex areas of improvement and change

2. Establish, manage, direct and advise cross-functional review teams to define and articulate business change and business process improvements

3. Work with senior finance managers and senior business managers from across the organisation to develop process, data & application models to justify potential improvement costs and to identify potential cost savings

4. Discover and conceptualize initiatives round the related functional area.

5. Facilitate and negotiate business case buy-in from Directors, change managers and other key stakeholders to ensure smooth implementation and change

6. Advise on and facilitate negotiations with senior managers to obtain the best outcome for the company where improvements and efficiencies cut across organisational boundaries and budgets

7. Work with program/project managers and change managers to ensure the benefits defined in the business case and subsequent benefit delivery plans are delivered, using base lined models and performance statistics

8. Manage the project initiation process with Point of Record (POR) documentation
9. Present business case justifications and ROIs to senior management for approval

10. Discover & Document requirements for new initiatives as well as enhancement requests where required

11. Evaluate, compare and facilitate decision making around business solutions/ applications including the Vendor Management.

12. Take liaison role to communicate the business needs to the IT teams around the functional area.

13. Monitor & Report IT progress to the business stakeholders.

14. Work in close collaboration with business management and staff to ensure that user requirements and constraints are understood and that sensitive areas affecting service provision are identified early

15. Produce test plans and scenarios on behalf of the business and coordinate/manage testing to ensure that product and processes are acceptable before becoming operational

16. Be a gatekeeper for all business configurations and maintaining the health check of the functional areas around these configurations.

17. Build Desktop procedure to help business to move into a process driven organization rather than a people driven one.

18. Advise and direct managers and staff on the implementation of new systems and ways of working, facilitating management and staff through the change process