Job Description :
Data Architect
San Jose, CA
Duration:12 months

The Data Architect will provide specialized expertise and focus to ensure that a comprehensive, coherent, and effective data warehouse and data lake architecture is in place for storing, maintaining, and managing all of the data associated with the data warehouse program in its transition from a central mainframe environment to a distributed architecture. The Data Architect will need to operate at both a high level in helping to establish the guidelines, practices, and models for understanding and managing the “big picture”, and at a low level to guide team members in implementation details such as: data modeling; data warehouse, data lakes, and database design and optimization. Recent relevant experience involving a complex, multiple application and multiple department environment with both traditional data warehouse and big data is strongly preferred.
Primary Responsibilities:
The Data Architect will be responsible for understanding the requirements and detailed data ecosystem of the components and applications associated with the PSJSP program, and using this knowledge to prepare and champion specific recommendations, guidelines, practices, and design models which will ultimately form the basis for the program data architecture. The Data Architect will also act as an in-house expert to mentor and assist technical staff in mastering techniques and best practices associated with: data modeling; data warehouse, data lakes, and database design and optimization and related activities.
The Data Architect will collaborate as part of a team composed of technical leaders representing the enterprise, application, data and network architecture, interface development, security, and business relationship management areas of the program.
Experience Requirement:
10+ years of related experience in software development, of which at least:
Five years includes specific duties as a data architect, data warehouse architect, data modeler, or data analyst;
Five years “hands on” experience managing one or more of the following database systems: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or higher, Oracle, or IBM DB2, involving implementation of database schemas, indexes, and query optimization;
Three years “hands on” experience implementing database stored procedures. Note: The above role specific experience may have been acquired concurrently.
Experience defining and implementing data security, quality enforcement, and retention policies in a complex, multiple application environment;
Experience creating, implementing and testing procedures for backing up and recovering databases;
Must have a solid understanding of principles and practices of:
Kimball methodology;
Data lakes, data warehouse, and big data;
software development;
project and technical documentation;
programming, including programming languages and utilities is desirable;
Skills Requirement:
Research, analyze and define technical problems and recommend alternative solutions.
Ability to understand, model, and portray the big data picture, spanning multiple applications.
Ability to define and implement practices for aligning data architecture with business requirements.
Knowledge of both established and emerging data technologies, including the ability to identify when each can be effectively applied and the advantages / disadvantages of each.
Ability to clearly document data structures, data definitions, and data provenance.
Understanding of data indexing strategies for a variety of data types.
Ability to work closely with department technical and management resources.
Must be able to produce high quality work, both independently and on a team, in a fast-moving environment.
Must be able to plan and prioritize personal tasking.
Must be able to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.

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