Job Description :
Key points:
If applying for this role, provide how many years of experience and if you have (none, some or advanced knowledge) for the key points.
Must be an AS400 System Administrator with ideally some insurance or financial database background.
Sound knowledge and experience supporting varying levels of IBM’s AS400 Operating Systems and license programs and AS400 Virtualization.
Solid knowledge and experience working with the AS400 infrastructure components.
Solid knowledge of Database structures, running jobs, upgrades, troubleshooting, run CL, replicating data.
Solid knowledge of some Life or Health Insurance ideally Life Insurance Software administration (ID3)
Big plus - work with Life or Health Insurance software experience and report writer
ID3 system is an AS/400 - COBOL based administrative system for insurance product administration. A comprehensive policy system, fully integrated with Life Portraits point-of-sale & Life Suite automated underwriting solutions. With a modern user interface, Life Insurance software supports life insurance policy.

Responsibilities include:
Life or Health Insurance System Maintenance
Oversee all facets of production and maintenance of the Life or Health Insurance system under the direction of the IT Manager.

1Develop an understanding of the Life or Health Insurance system. This includes, but is not limited to, the Life or Health Insurance database file structure, the life insurance (ID3) menu system structure, and the interrelationship between the two.
1.Generating AS/400 query reports upon request
2.Creation of SQL and CL programs

Work with AS/400 job scheduling
1.Create and maintain file transfers between the Life or Health Insurance files and external sources.
1.Develop an understanding of the Life or Health Insurance user functions
1.Be able to perform normal Life or Health Insurance user functions for testing and assistance in user training
2.Be able to run and document user functions for testing and submitting problems

2.Installation and testing of new Life or Health Insurance releases consisting of:
1.Downloading installation files and procedures from the FTP site
2.Uploading the files and installation processes onto the AS400

Reviewing all the installation release documentation for installation procedures and evaluate whether any new installation releases may affect current procedures and products
1.Assist in building testing scenarios to test the new release
2.Install new release in test Life or Health Insurance environment
3.Test the new release in test environment

Repeat the installation procedures in the live production environment when testing has been completed and approved
1.Monitor all job logs and error reports generated by Life or Health Insurance production

1.Life or Health Insurance generated error reports for any policies or accounting vouchers that may have problems processing. Evaluate these and make sure proper department is aware of the problems to fix

2.Life or Health Insurance production generated job logs which may also identify any problems with policies. Evaluate these and make sure proper department is aware of the problems to fix

2.Assist in the submission and coordination of Life or Health Insurance “bug fixes”

1.When any Life or Health Insurance problems arise that can be determined to be a system issue rather than a policy data or procedural problem, document the problem and work with IT manager to submit the issue to for evaluation and whether a program fix is required

2.Work with individual departments to help determine whether a problem is system related, or procedural problem

1.Develop an understanding of RVI document imaging system and how it interacts with the Life Insurance (ID3) system

Life or Health Insurance Production
Run Life Insurance (ID3) production job streams

1.Normal nightly production

1.Running job streams

2.Creating .pdf copies of production reports

3.Generation of nightly laser checks

4.Submission of Positive Pay extract file to bank

5.Submission of ACH (EFT) files to bank

2.Weekly nightly production

1.Billing job streams – direct, payroll deduction and EFT

2.Dividend notice generation

3.Loan notice generation

Monthly and Quarterly production

1.Insurance actuarial valuation reporting

2.Monthly future change notification processing

1.Annual production

1.Normal quarterly production plus

1.IRS tax processing

2.Yearly reporting

Special, non-scheduled production runs or reporting

Network Architecture
The architecture consists of a Power 720 AS/400 along with Virtualized servers operating in a SAN environment.
Power 720 AS/400 system:

1.Maintenance functions (AS/400, Hardware Management Console, V7000 storage array and VIOS switches

1.Monitor system logs

2.Report and coordinate problems with IBM

Assist in Installation of PTF updates

1.Assist in installation of new system releases

Virtualized Windows Servers and AS400 Servers

1.Understanding of working with Windows servers in a virtualized environment

1.Work with consultants when required for changes or enhancements to virtual server network

2.Work with changes or enhancements which require coordination

2.Understanding of Windows DNS and DHCP

1.Add and remove Windows users from system

2.Assist with DNS and DHCP functions that are inter-related including:

1.AVAYA phone system

2.Virtual LAN’s

3.NetBackup system

4.Optimum Payroll system

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