Job Description :
Java/JEE and Web based development experience
Must have experience in Spring MVC, JSON, AJAX, JDBC, JPA/ORM framework
Automated JUnit and Integration Testing using TDD, must have experience in JUnit and knowledge in any of below tool is an added advantage
o JUnit?—?The de-facto standard for unit testing Java applications.
o Spring Test & Spring Boot Test?—?Utilities and integration test support for Spring Boot applications.
o AssertJ?—?A fluent assertion library.
o Hamcrest?—?A library of matcher objects (also known as constraints or predicates
o Mockito?—?A Java mocking framework.
o JSONassert?—?An assertion library for JSON.
o JsonPath?—?XPath for JSON.
Must have experience in either Maven or Gradle
Must have experience in REST API Development experience
Must have experience in using static analysis tools like SonarCube, FindBugs, PMD etc.
Knowledge of Swagger Annotation to document REST API is an added advantage
Knowledge of Pivotal Cloud Foundry is an added advantage
Knowledge of AngularJS and/or ReactJS is an added advantage