Job Description :


ViPR controller, SRM, VMAX Flash

1) Review our ViPR environment for best-practices. Goal: stable, best-practices environment. Good foundation for future growth.
2) Integrate with ServiceNow (with additional help from ViPR engineering’s already made modules – these aren’t GA things, but have been made with their help for other companies Goal: ViPR as orchestrator/work engine. Goal: Streamlined workflow with less Storage Team involvement in provisioning and growth scenarios. Stretch goal: de-provisioning streamlined workflows with less storage team involvement
3) Integrate with VMWare using ViPR vRealize plugin. Goal: ViPR as the orchestration/work engine. Goal: vRealize as the interface for VMWare team to self-help themselves.
4) Integrate with EMC AppSync. Goal: ViPR as the orchestration/work engine. Goal: self-help SRDF/SnapVX for dbas.
5) Stretch: Integrate with IBM PowerVC. Goal: ViPR as the orchestration/work engine. Goal: self-help for AIX provisioning. This is depending on ViPR feature release completeness in April/Oct releases for LPAR mobility.

Specific skill sets we are looking for in the ViPR C Resident:
ViPR RESTful API knowledge is integral
Being able to write scripts in a shell language such as bash/kornshell/PowerShell or even Python for using the REST APIs.
Familiarity with EMC AppSync – for integrating with ViPR Controller on handling SRDF/Snaps by the DBAs.
Designing an alerting mechanism for ViPR, there doesn’t appear to be alerting available in GUI/automatic emails, but through the REST API so I want to have some runtime alerting for the application put in place.
Stretch (if time allows): standup a POC of ViPR SRM.

ViPR Controller SME for automation use i.e. storage provisioning using ViPR with the deployment of newly purchased VMAX 250FX AFA etc.
Request IDS/IS for ViPR C residency. Provide "Best Practices" around the ViPR controller. Should be able to get acquainted with "As Built" documentation Assistance w/. host discovery, ViPR SRM dashboards, Perform day-2-day management Assists T-Mobile team in developing or modifying the operating the ViPR SRM using Best Practices. Inclding, data enrichment, Storage Monitoring & Reporting, Storage Config Management, Alert Management, User Management, preparing for device discovery. etc.

Rate (1-5)
ViPR Design
ViPR Implement
ViPR Administer

Client : VTG