Job Description :
Title-Frontend Developer
Location: New York, NY
Length: 4+ months Contract to Hire. Must be able to convert between 1-4 months even though it will probably longer.

Must be Green Card or Citizen

Skype Interview
If Skype well - task given
Final - onsite meeting with HM, Team and potentially Director

MUST HAVE: JavaScript, JavaScript Frameworks (either Angular, Backbone, Marionette), HTML, CSS

Environment Size - MUST be Enterprise Level
Heavy JavaScript - and the languages that go along with it
Enterprise Environment Experience
5 years experience max - prefer less
Mobile a plus - not a must
resume should read heavy JavaScript
Spent a couple years developing within a framework such as backbone, angular etc as that is the environment we have and that is a key to being a solid contributor.
Looking for the right person - current person is leaving now has been there 3 years
5 years Front end experience
Full Stack experience - builds, JavaScript, html, css etc.
Backbone and Marionette - shows a level of expertise if someone has this though not required - should be able to talk about skills and adapt quickly (can''t be saying in an interview that they will "google " answers)
Small team with many responsibilities (someone that has worked in a group of 3-15 and their sole responsibility was to develop web projects and dev for the web)
Want this to be exciting for someone – must be able to work together with everyone - very team centric
Currently they have a stable website looking to improve every day
share ideas, passion, quick, care to fix something that is broken
Hit the ground rolling with little bit of help – work on decent sized projects once acclimated
Looking for passion and drive
We are working on a mobile site which is served for Android & IOS
It is through the website and pushed out to the mobile devices
Heavy JavaScript and at least some experience with frameworks like backbone, marionette (plug-in for backbone - makes it more powerful), or AngularJS (backbone preferred, angular acceptable)
Responsive Web Design
Enough experience of being able to work on a large e-commerce website
All front end development
SPA – Single Page Application, with JavaScript OR AngularJS
WebAPIS very much data driven