Job Description :
Must be practitioner of DevOps. Required knowledge of Git, Vagrant, Docker and Docker Swarn, Jenkins, Ansible, Consul, Linux command line. Java 1.8, Spring platform v4 (xd, springboot, data rest, jpa, integration testing at least
Must be practitioner of Test Driven Development. Must have practical knowledge of SpringBoot jUnit.
Fluent working with Front end stacks (html, JavaScript, CSS)
DevOps Skills: Practical knowledge / use of Continuous Deployment, Microservices and Containers
Understand core concepts and practices around using deployment pipeline, pub sub messaging.
Experience with Continuous Integration / Delivery / Deployment.
Experience with container build modules and immutable deployments
Must have experience with microservices architecture and core concepts of domain driven design, service discovery, failover, "pipelining". Experience with building and deploying Microservices to production environments.DevOPS with full stack java Exp