Job Description :
· Design, code, test and deliver insightful and architecturally sound business solutions on high complexity work
· Document code and projects so others can easily understand
· Fulfill customer requirements as measured in customer survey scores
· Show insight; know your application design & data; offer simple, working solutions
· Apply team coding, documenting and testing standards and recommend process improvements
· Recognize upstream and downstream impacts; communicate effectively (verbally & in writing)
· Learn the Business Process Your Application Supports so your code will better support the business
· Improve your application and team processes
· Decrease incidents and increase uptime of your application
· All other duties as assigned
· Attendance as required by department

Our Senior Java Development Team Members:
· Code expertly in your application while following team coding and testing standards
· Respond promptly and effectively to large-scale problems, projects and tasks.
· Organize, with ability to multi-task and prioritize multiple requests.
· Convey complex information in a timely and easily understood way to all levels of the organization.
· Demonstrate insight ; make recommendations as opportunities arise.
· Be self-driven , motivated to help, and able to perform with minimal supervision.
· Maintain customer focus ; keep the customer’s and company’s best interest in mind.
· Work well with abstract concepts . Be analytical. Solve problems