Job Description :
Job Title: UCCE Engineer
Location: Maryville, TN (Outside of Knoxville)
Job Type: 3+ Months Contract

Health check of UCCE system (Cisco AS)
Upload phones into CUCM
ETAP test agent’s phones
Ensure all test agent’s phones are assigned the OnCluster partition
After Doug over-writes SPOC table, update agent settings for testers
Point Finesse to PROD webService
Ensure the correct Finesse desktop layout is assigned to the test agent’s teams
Point ICM to PROD CVP application (using PROD webServices) (Cisco AS)
Ensure CVP application is using both CMH and GSO CVP servers (Cisco AS)
Assign CUCM route point (for TFN and 7250) to the OnCluster partition
Swing toll-free number over to Cisco SIP circuits
CDP 3 agent’s Nortel phones over to Cisco
Monitor self-service calls
Open IVR application
Open collections queue
Monitor 4 initial agents
Move agents to Greensboro Finesse server and continue to monitor
Monitor all additional agents
Shut down queue
Swing toll-free number back to Nortel
Point ICM back to QUA CVP application (Cisco AS)
Point Finesse back to QUA webService
Move toll-free CUCM route point back to the Staging partition
Delete the test agent’s Cisco phones from CUCM
Pull 3 CDP’d phones back into Nortel
Remove data from SPOC table for test agents
Test Nortel IVR and queuing to make sure production call routing is working properly
Send notifications to any teams that received voicemail while IVR application was open