Job Description :
Hi ,
My name is and I’m a Sr. Tech Recruiter with Softrams. We have an immediate opening as described below with one of our direct clients.

I believe that you will find this opportunity to be exciting and if you are interested, please send me your updated resume to

Client: Federal Health
Location: Woodlawn, MD
Duration: Long-term
Rate/Salary: Best in Industry

The Senior DevOps Engineer will be part of a collaborative and agile team that supports and delivers virtual infrastructure for mission critical health IT solutions.
Ideal candidate must possess ALL of these 6 below skills
1. Ideal candidate is passionate about the concept of infrastructure as code and leverages modern tools to define, build and manage virtual infrastructure in the cloud (primarily on AWS
2. Ideal candidate will have excellent hands-on experience with AWS, specifically CI/CD/CM tools in AWS eco-system like Cloud Formation, Pipelines (Boto preferred) etc.
3. Ideal candidate will have solid understanding of Linux systems, hosts, networks, security, applications and proficiency in shell scripting.
4. Ideal candidate will also have solid understanding and experience with configuration management tools like Puppet (preferred) or Ansible or Chef or similar.
5. Ideal candidate will hate to do anything twice and believes in automation for consistent, scalable and fool-proof delivery of infrastructure and applications
6. Candidates with proven certifications and socially accessible profiles that demonstrate the body of work and participation in modern collaboration hubs.
We are specifically looking for
* Someone who is a great team player and genuinely believes in solving challenges as a team
* Someone who believes in exploring alternatives and quickly prototyping to validate hypothetical architectures or solutions
* Someone who understands and believes in the core tenets of agile both in letter and spirit
* Someone with 3 or more years of experience in working as DevOps Engineer focusing on CI/CD and CM tools and modern frameworks in the eco-system.
* Someone with 3 or more years of solid hands-on experience with working on AWS
* Someone with 3 or more years of hands-on experience in using Puppet (preferred) or Chef or Ansible or Salt stack or similar.
* Someone with 3 or more years of experience with developing AWS Cloud Formation Scripts or boto3 or Troposphere scripts
* Someone with experience on Jenkins and Jenkins pipeline to enable CI/CD.
* Someone with 3 or more years of experience working in agile environments with tools like Jira, Git and Confluence.
Along with great communication, we expect the candidate to demonstrate proficiency with various tools and frameworks during the screening and interview process, using local or cloud based virtual environments.
* Ideal candidate should demonstrate proficiency with various tools in the AWS eco-system, specifically CI/CD/CM tools
* Ideal candidate should demonstrate proficiency with Puppet (preferred) or Chef or Ansible or similar and working with shell scripts in Linux
* Ideal candidate should demonstrate proficiency with AWS Cloud Formation, pipelines (Boto preferred) SDK
* While we allow remote video conference during the initial screening process, we do REQUIRE face to face meeting before final confirmation