Job Description :
Title: Sr. Data Analyst (Marketing & Campaign Analytics)
Duration: Full-Time
Location: Durham, NC 27707
Construct, design, write and document complex programs using Business Intelligence Tools (e.g. Business Objects, SAS, SQL, Crystal Reports) for use in gathering statistical data, ensuring that the most efficient procedures are used to access, investigate, and analyze data.
Develop, analyze, report and interpret complex data for ongoing activities/projects. Ensure that all data are accurate and available to meet establish deadlines.
Work collaboratively with customers to complete effective needs analyses to successfully provide analytic support and problem solving assistance to business areas.
Monitor and perform in-depth analysis of data for customers to determine areas of improvement or where investigation is needed.
Identify complex data problems and issues and is responsible for resolution.
Identify complex trends and make recommendations to business areas to effectively assist them with decision making on operational or other business issues.
Communicate meaningful insights by creating charts and slide presentations and presenting findings to all levels of leadership staff.
Maintain and coordinate existing cross-functional programs, and create and develop new programs.
Support and manage complex applications systems on many platforms and manage code migrations and changes between different applications environments.
Develop, maintain, and monitor reports on system security to ensure user access is appropriate for the specific division. Provide ongoing user support for ad hoc reporting, questions, queries, and problem support
May ensure appropriate security and privacy for all data that contains PHI fields. Resolve all security and privacy issues in the data.
May serve as a mentor/coach for less experienced employees.
May represent department on enterprise project teams and process optimization efforts that require analysis, interviews, procedure design, documentation and implementation
Short narrative that explains what this person will be doing
Looking at campaign performance, how campaign doing (KPI, data, etc) what conclusion/next steps/did they do what we wanted them to do…were they successful, strategy perspective-how can we achieve outcome.
Tactics evaluated-web, mail, email, secure inbox, displays advertising (not mass media…more on targeted channels
“Must-have” skill sets
Bachelor’s degree
5 years of data analysis/reporting experience including use of complex statistical methods
If no degree, 7 years of data analysis experience including use of complex statistical methods
Demonstrated experience presenting data findings/analysis and making business recommendations to leadership staff
Experience in campaign performance measurement, strong foundation in analytics and statistics, A/B testing strong background (send out an email, 5% of people end up buying insurance, with only looking at that….determine if send messaging to someone and not send some to others…determine if email worked, test messages against each other)
Marketing KPI (click through rates, impressions, etc, strong foundation
Ability to think strategically, complex observations into concise information, presentation skills
Will be presenting to variety-some of creative designers of campaign/collateral-here is how it performed. Campaign strategists-lay out strategy, some business owners (so creative and business side as well)
Experience with analytics….Excel is really important-data crunching. Tableau and power point (nice to have Isn’t super complex with SAS coding, so more analytical thinking and take info in and distill…understand what works with what audience.
More weight on marketing experience, not as important with insurance experience