Job Description :
Arc GIS Developer

Location: St. Louis (preferred) San Ramon / Dallas / Middletown / Atlanta

Required Skill Set:

ESRI ArcGIS Portal, JavaScript, Python, bonus .NET/C#"
1. Bachelors/Master’s degree in computer science engineering, geography or a related discipline.
2. 8+ years of Strong GIS expertise involving close customer interaction
3. Resources should have ARGIS Server experts and capable of development in poly services.
4. Resources should have Java development experience to do development for the EGM Locator (EGM experience is optional but preferred aka Pitney Bowes)
5. Strong experience in ESRI toolset version 10.0 or higher is a must
6. Hands on ESRI ArcGIS development expertise required for design and development of geospatial applications. Should have developed GIS application in past projects
(Development experience required and NOT tool usage, mapping and rubber sheeting experience alone)
7. Knowledge of ESRI/ArcGIS geo processing libraries
8. Ability to work with multiple GIS record formats like AUTO CAD, CAD, OCR
9. Oracle Spatial knowledge required, including geospatial extensions
10. Background in telecommunication out plant inventory