Job Description :
Need expertise as Oracle performance DBA using Oracle 10g and 11g.
* Need to have expertise in database performance tuning, sql query tuning to improve response time of the queries, database health checkups. Need to be capable of participating in
performance tests and identify high performing queries and make them perform well.
* Expertise in handling RAC and Oracle 11g in RAC with dataguard, expertise in identifying queries with high buffer gets, expertise in identifying needs of creating SQL profiles, SQL
baselines as needed.
* Should be able to work with development team in tuning SQL implementations involving concurrent transactions.
* Should be able to handle production deployments, monitoring production deployments, data export/imports as needed and creation of multiple databases in different environment as and
when needed.
* Would be nice to have the other common ADBA expertise of creating database objects including Oracle Materialized views and managing them as and when needed. Need to have
expertise in creating and refreshing Oracle materialized views as and when needed in multiple environments.
* Managing and handling Golden Gate is a plus.