Job Description :
eWFM Engineer
San Diego, CA
6 Months Contract


We are looking to temporarily expand the team by adding one senior engineer to this team, in order to increase our capacity, and focus on big priority enhancements including developing additional eWFM real time data feed integration and reporting. For this we’d need an experienced engineering professional with Aspect eWFM reporting and real time data integration. This engineer will help with on-boarding additional locations on the real time data feed, and help optimize new and existing real time data feeds.
Must have: Aspect eWFM process integration experience (eWFM 8.1)
Must have: Windows System Administration experience
Good to have: Prior experience with CTI/IVR systems, and/or with Interactive Intelligence (ININ) platform
Strong knowledge of software development methodologies and best practices
Key Information

Experience Level: Senior Engineer
The person should have excellent spoken & written English communication and articulation skills.
Note: This person would work closely with Client SME for Aspect eWFM based out of Tucson, AZ, USA.