Job Description :
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Job Title: Web Logic J boss Developer/ Environment Engineer (J BOSS)

Skills: JBOSS, Weblogic, Webspehere, NGNIX, Apache, Shell & Perl Scripts, Linux and Solaris OS exposure, Jenkins/Docker

Location: Richardson TX


Mandatory Skill-

Evaluation and migration of Weblogic based application to JBoss application server
Fine tuning JBoss applications and application stability.
Experience in configuration and setup of Jboss application server domain
Installation/Patching and Up gradation of middleware software in Linux/Solaris platform
Installation and Upgrade of Ngnix/Apache web server and configuration of new domains.
Experience in configuration of SSH setup and certs creation and management.
Capacity planning and involvement in setting up new Linux/Solaris based platform to host java/J2ee application.
Expertise in compilation is code, creation of release kit/package and troubleshoot related issues.
Application deployment into JBoss based environments and troubleshooting.
Expertise in Shell and Perl scripting, Troubleshooting
Expertise in SVN/GIT SCM tool and workflow management