Job Description :
We are looking for strong Business Development Manager who is interested to work as part-time or full-time.
We need BDM sales to support in the following areas.
1. Software projects : Need introduction with clients and our technical team can partner with the sales associate to close the deal.
2. Staffing : Need leads and our recruiters and tech team will take care of sourcing, screening and coming out with a solid profiles.
If this is something you are interested to partner with us, please drop a note and we can work out the commission terms. It is assured that you would be happily rewarded for your hard work and partnership with us.
Software Projects:
We has proven track record of doing software projects in Cloud, Web, Databases, Salesforce, Hadoop and more. Our team is exceptionally strong and have the ability to get pretty much anything done. We work in various execution models with the client to fit in their existing process.
We has handful of recruiters who has done an exceptional job with sourcing, most recruiters have engineering background and they work with full context for a given requirement. If there exists an opportunity they have never disappointed with the provision of solid profiles. We have our consultants working in companies around East Coast area.