Job Description :
Title : Infrastructure Architect
Location : New York City
Duration : 6+ Month

Job Description

1) Work with Architecture to create architecture/infrastructure diagrams covering Load Balancers, proxies, reverse proxies, application servers, databases, caches, queues, connectivity to trading systems (FIX protocol etc.
2) Work with Infrastructure teams to translate architecture blueprints into detailed infrastructure definitions/templates that can be used to build out the infrastructure stack using firm standard automation tools
a. For tomcat – JVM sizes, connection pool settings, container thread pool settings, etc
b. For Gemfire – region sizes, cache sizes, replication settings, TTL settings, etc
c. For Load Balancers, proxies – configurations, resiliency requirements, failover capabilities, etc
3) Track and manage delivery of these components to completion
Technical Skills:
Proficient in multiple infrastructure disciplines and functions
Proficient in C/C++, Java, JavaScript, Perl or Python, SQL
Extensive knowledge on kdb and Q language is a plus
Extensive experience designing and developing enterprise grade software
Experience with source control management systems and continuous integration/deployment environments
Experience with automated testing
Experience with agile development methodologies including Kanban and Scrum
Experience with multi-threading and concurrency
Experience with debugging, performance profiling and optimization
Comprehensive understanding of object-oriented and service-oriented application development techniques and theories
Experience working across large infrastructure environments and distributed across multiple data centers