Job Description :
IAM engineer - Position title: System Engineer Adv
Start dt:-ASAP
Years of Exp:- 10+
No. of Positions:- 1
Clearance Level:- Public Trust
US Citizenship (Contract Required)

Job Responsibilities & qualifications:-
Successful candidate needs to be able to design and engineer complex requirements to existing customer infrastructure in a cost effective manner. Candidate needs to be a subject matter expert in several of the areas listed below and be able to articulate expertly solutions through written or verbal methods. Be able to trouble shoot complex problems quickly and effectively.

Must have Top 3 skills:-
Successful candidate must be conversant in most of the security protocols PKI, 2FA, single sign-on, two factor authenication and be able to apply the knowledge to a complex IT infrastructure. The successful candidate should also be conversant in
- Experience and awarenes in one or more leading IAM prodcuts ( Oracle, Sailpoint, Aveksa, Ping as an example)
- Identity Access and be able to describe common IAM technologies (SAML, OAuth, OpenID)
- FICAM Roadmap and Security architecture is a preference

Secondary nice to have:-
Strong analytical skills; Able to assess and solve issues in a high-pressure environment.
Strong organizational skills; Must be able to multitask without sacrificing attention to details.
Able to work effectively with other groups and teams.
Must be able to come up to speed on new project areas quickly as this role will grow quickly

Required certifications:-
7 or more years of engineering experience
Strongly suggest that successful candidate has current certifications in all the required skills