Job Description :
The Data Scientist, Advanced Analytics—Inventory, delivers dedicated analytics and algorithms pertaining to driving inventory profitability with client., and identifies and takes action on pertinent opportunities across multiple brands. Driving profitability through better Inventory Management has been a key priority for Inc. and continues to be seen as a major source of value generation at all levels of the company.

In particular, the primary focus of this position is analysis into algorithm design, proof of concept development, and quantitative modeling for all aspects of inventory management, including demand planning, price optimization, and store allocation & replenishment.

The Advanced Analytics team is chartered with driving revenue and profit growth in Gap Inc. Online and Retail businesses through the development and implementation of algorithms based on various analytical techniques. Examples of some of the key projects are: optimal price recommendation, demand forecasting, merchandise planning analytics, etc.

The position of Data Scientist, Advanced Analytics—Inventory, interacts with a variety of team members across the Inc. business, including Operations, Strategy and Merchandise Planning teams.

Use scientific methods to design, develop, and analyze models and algorithms to optimize profitability of Inc. investment in inventory.
Work with Business teams to understand important business requirements that will impact the design and development of proposed algorithms.
Work within a team of other data scientists to develop prototypes of the algorithm to validate assumptions and outcomes.
Ensure that algorithms developed are able to scale to meet enterprise needs across all brands.
Identify suitable test cases to prove the algorithms’ ability to handle boundary conditions.
Understand the data requirements and scale of the data that is required for each algorithm and the impact this has on the proposed algorithm.
Understand the complexities and intricacies of multiple brands & channels and ensure that the proposed algorithms would work satisfactorily across all portfolio brands.
Actively engage with the business partners to fully understand the business requirements and translate into appropriate models.
Work with business and implementation teams to develop appropriate level of documentation to train end users on the new algorithms.
Validate Scientific Methodology of Acquired Solutions; develop specific test cases where the vendor proposed solutions may not work very well; work with Inventory Strategy and Product Management teams to surface requirements for improving the algorithm used in the vendor’s solution

Minimum educational level: B.S. in Operations Research, Statistics, Industrial Engineering, with strong quantitative and software development skills.
Minimum experience: 1+ years designing and developing algorithms to solve demand planning and inventory optimization problems in retail software or the retail industry.
Proven ability to execute with extreme speed and a high degree of accuracy in a proof of concept environment.
Familiarity with statistical software (such as SAS, R, Matlab) and optimization packages (SAS/OR, Gurobi)
Background in big data analytics using Hadoop and MapReduce paradigms is highly desirable
Should be able to communicate complex algorithm logic and analytical results with clarity to both technical and non-technical audiences.
Demonstrated ability to take initiative and work independently with minimal supervision.