Job Description :
AngularJS Developer,

Chicago, IL

6+ Months Contract

phone  + In-person


Job Description:

Ability to apply creative solutions to UX screens and visualizations and implement both the UX and the services that support the UX as well as update temporary cache and persistent storage.  
The individual will be expected to participate in continuous improvement process as well as suggest ideas that enhance product value to customers. 

Experience è

Ø5 + years programming experience

ØRequired: Proficient with JSON and RESTful web services

ØRequired: Experience with one of the following queuing technologies: Rabbit, IBM MQ, ZeroMQ, MSMS MQ, Signal R, Redis

ØRequired: JavaScript, NodeJS Javascript Programming, HTML 5 Canvas

ØRequired: Database Stored Procedures, SQL ANSI 92

ØRequired: One of the following: Bootstrap, Kube, Foundation or equivalent experience in a responsive framework

ØRequired: One of the following: AngularJS, Ember, Backbone, Knockout or equivalent experience in a JavaScript framework

ØDesired: One of the following: D3.js, HighCharts, amCharts, ZoomCharts or equivalent 

ØDesired: Map Reduce / Higher Order Function Designs

ØDesired: Document Database: Mongo, Cassandra, HBase / Hypertable, CouchDB, Hypertable  

ØDesired: C#