Job Description :
FullStack JAVA R&D (14 openings)

St. Louis MO


Build great, innovative software’s that accelerates the complete R&D pipeline. Example solutions include real-time streaming analytics from connected devices, mobile data collection and visualization suites, big data genomics repositories, and geospatial computing systems, just to name a few. To build great software, we need great people.
What you will do:
Demonstrate passion and ownership by embracing all aspects of software development: analysis, development, testing and deployment.
Be curious and proactive. Learn something new every day.
Be ego-less! Ask for help, be willing to admit what you don’t know and willing to receive and give constructive feedback.
Collaborate closely with team members and business community.
Think through hard problems and work with a team to make them reality.
Take pride in software craftsmanship, diving deep into code and constantly innovating.

What you should be awesome at:
Consuming new technologies with relentless desire
Customer engagement including ideation, design thinking, and seeking rapid feedback
Modern web development (e.g., HTML5, JavaScript, AngularJS, Backbone)
Developing large-scale, custom distributed software systems in Java, Scala and/or C#
System design with SOA/REST/Microservices
Relational database design and access (e.g., Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL)
Full scope test automation from unit to behavioral/functional to integration (e.g JUnit, ScalaTest, JBehave, Cucumber)
Detailed technical problem solving and troubleshooting
Bonus points for:
Agriculture domain knowledge
Mobile development experience
Experience working with large data sets
Experience with NoSQL stores (e.g., MongoDB, Couchbase, Neo4J)
Experience with search/analytics tools (e.g. ElasticSearch, Solr)
Cloud-first development experience with automated, continuous delivery deployments
Experience with AWS or similar distributed architecture