Job Description :
Position: SQL DBA
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Interview: Phone then f2f

Job Description:

Consultant must meet all of the following minimum qualifications:
1. Four (4) years of experience within the last five (5) years working as a SQL DBA performing all of the following:
a. Working with Microsoft (MS) SQL Server 2005 through 2012 R2 including use of native management, configuration, and performance tools.
b. Designing, testing, deploying, and stabilizing MS SQL Server infrastructure systems.
c. Installing, migrating, configuring, patching and upgrading MS SQL Server databases.
d. Working with MS SQL Server Failover Clustering.
e. Writing and improving T-SQL code.
2. Must be certified as a MS SQL Server Administrator. Provide copy of certification with resume.

1. Locate local : Los Angeles, or great Los Angeles area
2. Certified SQL server administrator
3. Experience on AOAG, SQL server cluster 2014 or any version
4. Experience on taking care of transaction logs of SQL server databases
5. Experience on write and schedule jobs to monitor SQL server databases
6. Experience on write and schedule jobs to send notification emails when SQL server cluster failed over
7. Experience on upgrade and migrate SQL server databases to 2014 and 2016
8. Experience on backup SQL Server databases and restore the databases to the point of time whenever customers ask to do so.
9. Experience on Windows server of all the versions
10. Experience on very large database of SharePoint
11. Experience on support mission critical Production systems
12. Excellent communication skills
13. Excellent mentor skills
14. Good personality to deal with Production issue , work with customers and work with team
15. Excellent technical writing and documenting skills
16. Excellent research and problem-solve skills
17. Get assignment from the DBA manager done on time.