Job Description :
An experienced Archer business analyst with 5+ years of business experience with a background in the following: Information Technology, IT Security, Risk Assessment and Management, Compliance, Enterprise Application Architecture, Business Continuity Planning and Project Management. The person should be experienced in migrating workflow management processes to Archer for efficient reporting, tracking and automation purpose. The person needs the ability to work with Archer development team to explain the process workflow and end user expectations. It will be expected this person will coordinate with team to perform user test and track identified issue. In-depth knowledge of existing and emerging Information security technologies, industry standards and best practices with the ability to apply them to the strategic benefit of the organization is a plus. Ideal candidate has 4 plus years of experience with RSA Archer and other GRC tools as well. The person must be a good communicator, strong facilitator, and a decisive personality type.

Client : Thiksoft Technologies, LLC