Job Description :
We are looking for is Physical Product Packaging engineer, nothing to with IT.

It is a non-IT requirement, the candidate may have engineering degree in Mechanical, Packaging or any other non-IT area with experience in Package Development.

Main keyword will be - "Medical Device Package Validation Engineer".

Package Development Engineer Job Description

The Package Development Engineer is responsible for supporting the Packaging Systems team member on Research and Development projects, Lifecycle Engineering projects or portions of major Packaging Systems development projects The candidate must demonstrate the following capabilities:
* Be able to apply knowledge of engineering principles and practices within assignment areas.
* Plan, execute and controlling major sections of new package development projects.
* Provide consultation and leadership on Package Engineering issues for operations and packaging strategies.
* Be able to assess new packaging techniques and overall operations packaging capabilities, planning, and development, coordinating and directing package engineering projects concerned with unique problems which have an important effect on major company programs.
* Direct the package development sub-team members to accomplish packaging and non-packaging related projects.

Key Job Responsibilities:

* Work in conjunction with the label development group to deliver packaging components in a timely manner for Research and Development and Packaging Systems projects.
* Conduct assignments encompassing complete projects or portions of major projects requiring advanced knowledge of a specialized field.
* Make decisions independently on engineering problems and methods.
* Plan, conduct and direct major sections of new package development projects.
* Determine methods and techniques to be used or adapts standard methods to meet variations.
* Utilize technical competency, relevant work experience, and comprehensive and diverse package engineering knowledge to generate valid creative solutions.
* Coordinate and direct the activities of technical support staff (both in-house and outside) in order to achieve objectives.
* Design, develop, validate, and oversee manufacture, installation, and operation of package components and packaging processes for sterile surgical devices.
* Plans, develops, coordinates and directs a number projects of major scope and importance.
* Has full technical responsibility for interpreting, organizing, executing and coordinating assignments.
* Develop general packaging guidelines and standards for processes and functional requirements.
* Overnight travel may be required of up to10% to Irwindale.
* Other responsibilities may be assigned and not all responsibilities listed may be assigned.


A minimum of a Bachelor''s degree in engineering is required. Package Engineering degree preferred.
Minimum of three years of experience working in industry required with two years of experience in medical package development. Regulated industry experience is an asset for this role along with medical device experience.

* Experience with project management is preferred.
* Experience in packaging design preferred
* Design verification and validation is preferred.
* The ability to effectively communicate, written and verbally, technical information and its implications to non-technical staff is preferred
* The ability to apply Six Sigma and/or lean tools is an asset.
* Professional judgment to generate valid solutions to technical assignments is preferred.
* The ability to function independently on specific assignment objectives requiring investigation of a limited number of variables and to function effectively with limited supervision is preferred.
* Having the professional judgment required to resolve technical, package design, development and/ or processing issues, identifying the timing, and understand the interrelationships of key activities are all highly preferred.
* Knowledge of packaging graphics, process development validation, testing, equipment and supplier processes are preferred.
* Materials testing, documentation and ISO 11607 are also preferred for this role.
* Personal computer skills should include the ability to effectively use Windows word processing, project planning, presentation, e-mail and spreadsheet software is required.
* The ability to create packaging documentation using CADD (Computer-Aided Drafting and Design) software is preferred.