Job Description :
Location : Plano TX

Duration 6 month contract to hrie.

As for technical skills, focus on JAVA/J2ee, OOPS, Spring and JSP/Servlets. All others are good to have.

The focus of the interview will be on what the candidates have done, and their own skills. Candidates should focus on this, and not on what their teams have done. Candidates should be able to speak to these skills without hesitation (which may be interpreted as searching for help Their self-rating on Java/J2EE should be at least 8 out of 10, and they should be prepared to demonstrate this in the interview.

Required skills:
Java/J2EE and object oriented programming. As an example, a candidate should be able to discuss what an abstract class is, how it is used, and how it is different.
Servlets, JavaScript, and JSP – these are core skills. Can they discuss basic commands and give examples.
Spring and SQL/PL-SQL. As examples, for Spring can they configure beans. For SQL, candidates should be able to give some examples of commands utilized in queries – basic skills, not advanced ones.
Web services. Candidates should be able to give some examples of web services they have worked on.
Work with any application server. WebLogic is the one in use, but WebSphere, JBOSS, Tomcat are all fine.

Optional skills:
UNIX and JMS. JMS is nice to have but not required.
BPM – any business process management tool. It is understood that Activi and Drools are niche skills and candidates may not have extensive experience with these.