Job Description :
Job ID: WA-16-00036 ;

Web Developer with node.js, angular.js, ESRI ArcGIS javascript api, JavaScript/Ecmascript, CSS tools, RESTful web services, python, .net, AWS, data modeling, D3.js, NoSQL and Bootstrap experience

Location: Olympia WA (Dept of Fish and Wildlife)
Duration: 9 months (remote/part-time possible)
Positions: 2 (2/8)
skill matrix: attached
references: in attached template

d. Required Qualifications and Experience
Any vendor employee proposed for work must meet the following minimum qualifications and experience:
At least five years’ experience building web-based applications using modern HTML, JavaScript/Ecmascript, and CSS tools and techniques including familiarity with version control, automated testing and continuous integration; and
At least five years’ experience building RESTful web services using Node.js, python, .NET, etc.
e. Desirable Qualifications and Experience
The Purchaser will look more favorably on vendor employees proposed for work that have the following qualifications and experience:
Experience building web-based mapping applications using ESRI’s ArcGIS API for JavaScript;
Experience developing with Amazon Web Services (AWS);
Experience modeling and designing relational databases;
Experience designing web interfaces using Angular.js, D3.js, a NoSQL data store and Bootstrap; and

3. Project Description
The purpose of this Work Request is to identify a single vendor employee that can provide on-site custom web component development using node, angular(2) and the ESRI javascript api. This vendor employee will work on a Puget Sound Partnership funded effort to create a collaboratively editable webGIS for tracking habitat restoration sites.

b. Scope of Work
As mutually agreed upon between the vendor employee and the Purchaser Project Manager, the vendor employee may perform the following tasks:
(1) Spatial Data Editing Tools: Design and develop modular spatial data editing tools using the ESRI Javascript API and data driven web applications and associated APIs. Tasks may include:
Assisting with development and maintenance of a web-based multi-agency collaborative Geographic Information System (GIS) using modern web technologies and ESRI web services.
Developing and maintaining a data driven web application on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for capturing spatial habitat restoration data from citizen scientists, staff, and the general public.
Developing and publishing web services and web forms for capturing data.
Developing workflows for custom spatial data editing tools through user interviews and collaboration with agency scientists.
Designing and developing editing tools in accordance with developed workflows.
Writing technical data/software documentation manuals.
(2) Web Application Authentication Systems: Design web application authentication systems using a combination of OAuth social media logins and other Identity Stores. Tasks may include:
Designing flexible applications exposing different editing capabilities based on authorization type and user roles.
Building on WATECH’s work with ESRI to implement a single-sign on option for ArcGIS Online for state employees.
Developing social media log-in capability for GLAD data services
Improving account maintenance and set up for ArcGIS Server accounts
Implementing user-session store for favorites and saved analysis sessions

Client : STATE OF WA;